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Dover Castle

Dover castle is one of the largest castles in England and due to its location and significance throughout history has become known as the "Key To England". It sits high on top of the cliffs overlooking the threat from mainland Europe.

Dover Castle

Dover castle dates back to the Iron ages and has been continuously added to over the years. The Romans built a lighthouse onto the remains of a fort and the Anglo-Saxons added a chapel. William the Conqueror took control of the castle after the Battle of Hastings and spent 8 days strengthening it, but it wasn't until the reign of King Henry II that the castle began to take the shape it is recognised for today.

The castle has featured in many more battles since, in 1216 the castle was beseiged by Louis VIII and in the 1642 civil war it was seized by a small group of Parliamentarians. It underwent a large amount of rebuilding during the Napoleonic Wars, a complex series of tunnels were built underneath the castle in the cliff face. During World War II the tunnels were converted into air raid shelters and later into a military command post and underground hospital.

Today the castle and surrounding land is owned and maintained by the English Heritage and is a big tourist attraction.

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